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Spinal Protection Improvement

SPI Ergonomic School Bag is designed to help your child achieve better balance and correct posture.  Its ergonomic features allow for even weight distribution across the shoulders and help to relieve pressure on the neck, shoulders and lower back. Carrying a heavy load can never be more comfortable!
An Award Winning School Bag widely trusted and chosen by parents, schools and children. Give your child a head start as healthy posture sets a good foundation for life!  

Ergonomic Features

    1.   Ergonomically designed Contour Back Panel for better support. 

    2.   Well-padded ‘S-shaped’  shoulder straps for best comfort.

    3.   ‘Parachute’ pulling mechanism that is easy to adjust and allow the child to position

          the bag correctly.

    4.   Internal compartments secured with an elastic band to keep the books in place 

           and enhance stability.

    5.   Adjustable waist belt helps to re-distribute some of the weight from the 

           shoulders to the pelvic area.

     6.  Innovative round shaped waist belt buckle is safe and easy to use.

     7.   Adjustable chest straps to secure the shoulder straps in place (Especially

           useful for children with narrow shoulders).

      8.  Light reflective trimming to improve visibility under low-light condition.

      9.  Functional and roomy pockets.

     10.  Spacious concealed side pockets for drinking bottle.

     11.  Environmental-friendly material which is water repellent and dirt resistant

            for easy maintenance and cleaning. 

     12.  Heavy duty, durable zipper that glides smoothly.

     13.  Anti-abrasive base for greater durability.



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